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Members and their Classification
Sue Abernethy Education - Teacher
Larry Anthony Citizens Advice Management
Ian Bennett General Management
Jim Brenan Office Furnishings
Derek Cheeseman Banking (Ret'd.)
Alan Coleman Art Galleries (Ret'd.)
Terry Conner Architect (Ret'd.)
John Conway Law - Solicitor
James Cooper Removals
Peter Cooper Furniture Antique Restoration
Maurice Crosswell Engineering Supplies (Ret'd.)
Cheryl Currie Retired Publican
George Dick Travel Agent (retired)
Marc Driessen Management Advisory (Ret'd.)
Janet Durrant Civil Service -Foreign Office (Ret'd.)
Peter Edwards Chartered Accountancy
Derek Gurney Local Government - Financial (Ret'd.)
Eddie Haffenden Building Services (Ret'd.)
Malcolm Haigh Water Management (Ret'd.)
Mike Haines Property Consultant - Hotels (Ret'd.)
Bruce Halliday Education (Ret'd.)
John Hannaford Engineering
Paul Hellier Property Management
David Jones Life Assurance - Sales Management (Ret'd.)
Frank Johnston Oil Industry -Environmental (Ret'd.)
Grahame Lewis Accountant
Roger Ling Retired Publican
Robin Long Chartered Surveyor
Ian Mackay Engineering Consultancy (Ret'd.)
Tony Marshall Local Government - Legal (Ret'd.)
Maurice McNeill Banking (Ret'd.)
Derek Mills Engineering - Manufacturing (Ret'd.)
Barbara Murphy Local Authority - Pensions
Barry Nicholls Property (Retail Broker) (Ret'd.)
John O'Malley Animal Conservation
Adam Ogilvie Property Management
Ron Palmer Food Industry (Ret'd.)
Arthur Porter Police Inspector (Ret'd.)
Tony Pruss Medicine ( (Ret'd.Physician)
Tom Rayner Law - Probate (Ret'd.)
Mike Reed Horticulture - Tomato Growing (Ret'd.)
Tom Russell Healthcare - Management
David Sayers

Life Assurance/Pensions - IT Projects

Rosie Scott Education
Jenny Simpson Education - Primary (Ret'd.)
Geoff Stokes Marine Pilot (Ret'd.)
Nikki Stone Finance
David Storry Solicitor
Leslie Sutton Materials Scientist
Ray Thompson Management Consulatncy (Ret'd.)
Geoff Townley Computer Manufacturing (Ret'd.)
Patrick Turner Education - Preparatory (Ret'd.)
Graham Wales Sports Goods - Retailing
Uli Welker Retailing - Departmental Store
Martin Wilson Medicine - Surgeon (Ret'd.)




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President Grahame Lewis
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